About Us

Felix Young started in Sydney, working with the second largest organization in Australia within the credit market. The goal was to provide the highest results that no company has ever done before. After hours of hard work the first milestone was achieved, by delivering a 200% increase in revenue for our client.

As our reputation grew, so did the opportunities. Felix Young got noticed further and as a result we had to expand in Melbourne to work on new and fresh campaigns in the telecommunication industry. Felix Young was on the way to begin new adventures.

After providing great results for over 2 years, Felix Young then decided to branch out in new industries, as food and beverage, online sales training and markets comparisons.

Now, our very ambitious goal is that, by the end of 2019, Felix Young is planning to have locations in all the major cities across Australia with a total of 150 people actively selling on daily basis. The goal is simple: shake the sales industry as we know it and provide the largest quantity of new customers, without ever compromising the quality of the results delivered.