How we’re making our New Year resolutions stick.

 As we enter the early stages of 2019, the team at Felix Young have been discussing how to make our New Years resolutions / goals / aims for the upcoming 12 months stick.

Indeed – whatever you want to call them – these targets often come unstuck for a lot of people as early as the February or March mark. We believe this is due to something called the emotional cycle of change.

When you see change as something exciting and possible, your motivation to stick with it is high – but this can deplete and lose drive over time when your new situation progresses. This is often labelled the ‘informed pessimism’ stage, where you may become frustrated by challenges, or anxious about your ability to meet your goal. You may even want to quit altogether!



Uncertainty about your long-term goals creates room for indifference, confusion, and distance between you and your aspirations. That’s why we’ve been asking our team to ask themselves the following questions:


  • Do you know where your goals came from?
  • Why are they important to you?
  • How would achieving these goals influence your life?


We’ve found that answering the above and remembering to have fun along the journey helps immensely to overcome setbacks and frustrations. We keep each other accountable for both personal and collective goals with a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude that just always finds a way of getting across the finish line.


We also believe that creating a work environment which has an infectious nature to this tune is essential. We have ‘Fun Fridays’ at our Richmond office which regularly remind us of the great people we work with, and provide a platform for people to share their career goals in a co-creative manner.


Back in early December we welcomed Joseph into the leadership group after a month in the business, and it just shows what can be done with the right confidence, work ethic and attitude. Determination really is 99% of any goal!


Indeed, setting and achieving goals is a big part of life at Felix Young. Due to the increasing demands of our industry, we are always searching for goal-orientated individuals to join our team and work with us. We’re no strangers to setting big goals, as we ourselves are aiming to have offices and locations in all the major cities in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2021.


Various statistics on the internet suggest that up to 80% of New Year’s resolutions do indeed fail by February, but for not phased by this. We’re confident in our collective approach and excited about attacking the new year with our new challenges & projects.


Bring it on 2019!