CEO of Felix Young Embarks on USA Trip

The Managing Director of Felix Young – Melbourne’s freshest sales and marketing company, recently travelled to the USA for nine days, to network with some of the country’s best business owners.

Based in Melbourne, Felix Young is a direct marketing agency that supports client growth by offering a unique business advantage through their specially developed face to face marketing campaigns. Through these interactive direct marketing solutions, companies can engage consumers through targeted and personalised communications and form longer lasting and more meaningful connections. Not only do these connections increase brand loyalty and generate a higher rate of sales for the agency’s clients, but they also help to spread positive brand awareness and secure a brand a competitive position on the open market.
With the majority of businesses across Australia turning to television, print and email to market their products, Felix Young is bringing something fresh and new to marketing world and encouraging brands to refocus their marketing efforts. The agency has recognised that it is getting increasingly difficult for consumers to get their voices heard by brands and interact with them one on one. As such, relationships between brands and their consumers are suffering – with consumers harbouring little reason to remain loyal to a particular brand. By putting customers at the heart of their marketing processes and creating platforms for frank, in person communication, Felix Young are helping consumers to regain control, and allowing brands to deliver a tailored and memorable brand experience.
After recently launching in Melbourne, Felix Young have already been hit with a high demand for their proactive sales and marketing solutions. To ensure they can keep up with this demand and have the expertise and know-how to surpass client expectation, Managing Director Patrick Cadei recently left Melbourne for the USA – for a nine-day business trip. While in the states, Mr Cadei spent time with some of the industry’s most celebrated entrepreneurs and mentors to discover what skills and attributes contributed to their success.
Mr Cadei’s time away saw him travel to San Francisco, Berkeley and Mexico, before returning to Australia via Sydney to reconnect with some of the city’s leading sales and marketing professionals.
Managing director of Felix Young Patrick Cadei, believes that for entrepreneurs travel is a major factor influencing success. Travelling abroad is beneficial because it disrupts routine. As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to become bogged down in the day to day – which can prevent an individual from looking ahead to the future. Travel helps entrepreneurs to escape their routine and gives them the space to focus on the big picture.
Travel is also a powerful way for business professionals and entrepreneurs to increase their confidence and become bigger risk takers – qualities that are vital for business success. When an entrepreneur is abroad, they are instantly exposed to new environments, attitudes, and perspectives. This exposure can change the way an entrepreneur sees themselves and their business, and open their eyes to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.
However, Mr Cadei believes that for entrepreneurs, travel is most crucial in building a global presence within the industry, and can significantly contribute to business growth. Visiting new locations, both nationally and internationally allows entrepreneurs to network with people outside of their social circle. These individuals can inspire, motivate and help an entrepreneur to see things from exciting new perspectives. By taking the time to interact with people while travelling entrepreneurs are able to collaborate with talented professionals and learn strategies that focus on the growth and development of their businesses.