Felix Young Celebrate End of Year Success

Melbourne based sales and marketing firm Felix Young recently celebrated some last minute achievements and revealed that they are on track to break a sizable company record.

Based in Melbourne, Felix Young is a direct marketing agency that supports client growth by offering carefully developed face-to-face marketing campaigns, which help to deliver a unique customer experience and allows customers to feel more connected with brands. Through these in-person sales and marketing campaigns, the firm’s clients can engage consumers through targeted and personalised communications and form longer lasting and more meaningful connections. Not only do these connections increase brand loyalty and generate a higher rate of sales for the agency’s clients, but they also help to spread positive brand awareness and secure a competitive position on the open market.

After the digital takeover within the sales and marketing industry – where brands relied on online technologies and automated systems to handle customer service, the overall rate of brand loyalty dropped across Australasia. To reconnect with consumers and offer them a platform to interact with real brand representatives brands began to utilise services such as those provided by Felix Young, to encourage greater brand loyalty. Since their establishment last year, Felix Young has seen a tremendous demand for their services and launched many successful campaigns for brands across the country.

With Christmas being the season of giving, and due to the unrelenting demand for their services, Felix Young wanted to do something special for their sales and Marketing contractors who have helped them to grow substantially over the last few months. As such, the firm has recently been rewarding their top performing contractors and most successful sales representatives with a selection of impressive prizes, including the latest mobile phones. As well as highlighting the firm’s gratitude towards the hard work and determination of these individuals, these prizes have proven to be an effective motivator, and have increased morale and focus throughout the entire company.

This decision to reward their contractor’s efforts has also contributed to Felix Young reaching a significant business goal – with the firm breaking their weekly sales record on a campaign they are currently running across Victoria. The firm was able to deliver their best sales results to date to their client, as well as build up a solid base of loyal consumers for the brand. Felix Young believe this is not only a great step for the brand regarding future growth prospects but is also a major achievement for the contractors working on the campaign.

Felix Young are thrilled with their recent achievements, especially with them coming just before 2017. The firm believes that these steps forward have helped them to start the New Year in a positive market position and will drive their success and momentum throughout the month of January.