Felix Young Investigate the Power of Purpose

Event marketing firm Felix Young expressed concerns this week after learning that young people are settling for lacklustre roles rather than seeking out their dream jobs and discovering their real purpose.

Based in Melbourne, Australia’s most vibrant and forward-thinking city, Felix Young have a unique and personalised approach to direct marketing, implementing innovative and effective event and retail marketing solutions and creating memorable brand experiences. The company pride themselves on their interactive in-person marketing solutions and their track record of greater brand loyalty.

In the current business climate young people who are struggling to find a long-term role are instead choosing to secure a steady job, over a position which feeds their passion. This inevitably leads to many young professionals finding themselves unsatisfied in a role with little progression or engagement.

Felix Young find the news of young people being discouraged from pursuing their true ambition to be a great loss to industries everywhere. The company believe this is not only wasting the talents and potential of the young workforce, but also causing people to become disillusioned with the working world.

As a growing, progressive company with their eyes firmly fixed on the future, Felix Young relish the opportunity to work with young professionals, helping them realise and recognise their goals and dreams. “The importance of understanding your full potential is sometimes underestimated,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Mapping out your professional future early on is a vital step to developing your understanding of which role will best utilise your knowledge and skills, and discovering what industry you are best suited to.”

As a company encouraging young professionals to find their purpose by offering them the freedom to expand their skills and progress at their own pace, Felix Young is an ideal firm for those who find themselves in a similar job seeking predicament. “Here at Felix Young, we believe there are many benefits of finding your purpose, taking a chance and building a fulfilling and rewarding life is the key to personal and professional success.”

The event marketing specialists allow their employees to discover the things that drive them and follow their passions within a supportive and inspiring business environment, teaching them skills to set them up for life regardless of the industry they chose in later life.