Felix Young: What we can learn from the Kvitova vs. Collins showdown.

At Felix Young we’ve been focussing on the topics of leadership and performance throughout the first month of 2019, and the Australian Open match between Petra Kvitova and Danielle Collins may well epitomise the mettle and mentality required for achieving success in our industry.

Tennis is not only physically gruelling, but also as mentally challenging as any other sport. By and large it’s not a team sport – you’re on your own, responsible for each of your actions and accountable for everything. The court isolates you, and all your strengths and weaknesses get exposed simultaneously. Your opponents have only one thing in mind, which is to use every one of your weaknesses against you.

We believe that continuous professional development and a constant ‘student’ mentality is what makes people successful in the sales and marketing industry. This is because – like tennis – you learn to understand your own strengths and weaknesses better than your competitors do…

But back to the upcoming match. For those that are unfamiliar with the world of tennis, Czech player Petra Kvitova suffered serious injuries to her dominant left hand in a knife attack in 2016 – and was ‘fortunate to be alive’ after the potentially career-threatening assault.

In her previous match Kvitova saved a break point with a 105mph ace, then fought off another in the fourth with a vicious cross-court smash. The woman oozes sheer tenacity.

In the face of adversity – in any personal, or business situation life may throw your way – you want someone like Petra Kvitova standing next to you.

The upcoming semi-final against Danielle Collins marks the latest heights of her heartwarming comeback to the sport.

Now, let’s start talking about Miss Collins – and what better way to do so than by examining her post-match comments from earlier this week;

“I may not have won a grand slam match before this week, but I gotta tell you, I think it’s gonna keep happening!”

…talk about belief systems! The fearless American has plenty of stories of her own. Despite being a relatively slow burner, her student mentality and no-nonsense demeanour has transformed her into one of the most ferocious hitters on the courts.

“She wants to win at everything. That’s a massive quality she has and it’s nothing against the girl on the other side of the net. She likes to fight and it’s something we encourage her to do. Be yourself. Don’t hide anything. It’s fun to watch,” said Collins’ coach Mat Cloer, after her win over Kerber. 

Responding to the ‘tenacity’ tag, Collins herself cites the influence of her father, who still works a full-time job at 80 years-old.

At Felix Young, we can gain so much inspiration from both of these amazing women. The setbacks and strong mentality both have demonstrated to get to where they are today really is breathtaking.

We believe true leaders are the ones that go the extra mile. These are the kinds of people who eventually lead organisations, as opposed to those who bask in their momentary 5 minutes of fame atop the monthly sales chart!

Channelling their tenacity will be one of our goals for the remainder of 2019 – let’s see where it takes us!