Felix Young: Why Work Ethic is More Important Than Skill

In a controversial move, sales and marketing firm Felix Young have shared why when it comes to building a winning workforce, work ethic is far more important than skill or experience.

The current jobs market is littered with reports of a global skills shortage – with an increasing number of businesses fighting to attract top talent and fill their vacancies with highly experienced, skilled professionals. Unfortunately, as businesses continue to struggle in their search for skilled workers, candidates with little to no previous experience are finding it hard to get a look in, and as a result, are being forced out of their desired industries. Sales and marketing experts Felix Young believe this to be a major failing and are worried that by overlooking such a large percentage of job seekers businesses are not only missing out on potential talent but are significantly impacting the growth of their industries by not contributing to the development of the next generation.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for these less-skilled job seekers. In a study in the UK, it was found that an increasing number of businesses are beginning to value work ethic over talent, especially when it comes to those fresh out of education. In the study, published by British newspaper The Daily Mail, eight out of ten employers rated attitudes towards work and a desire to learn as more important than existing skill when recruiting. According to the report from the Centre for Social Justice think-tank, 62 percent of employers claimed that a lack of work ethic and a poor attitude was the number one reason for turning down an applicant, rather than a lack of experience.

Felix Young are hopeful that this report highlights a shift in priorities globally and that businesses are beginning to see that there is greater value and opportunity in overlooking previous experience and existing skills. The firm themselves are going against the grain and since their establishment has taken a far more inclusive approach to sourcing the right people for their business. The company has always felt that while useful, previous experience and skills are not markers of how well an individual might perform in a new role. Skills can be taught further down the line, and are often picked up quickly in an engaging work environment. Work ethic, however, cannot be taught; it is an innate quality, and a lack of work ethic can have a far more significant impact on a business’ overall performance than a lack of specialist skill.

Felix Young believes that as long as a candidate has a can-do attitude and a desire to learn then they can succeed within the sales and marketing industry. The firm rewards those with a positive work ethic with the opportunity to progress professionally – offering optional skill workshops, the chance to attend business and networking events with the country’s best sales and marketing entrepreneurs, and one on one daily mentoring. This investment in their people has helped Felix Young to build a more engaged and loyal workforce and allowed them to contribute to a brighter future for the industry in Australia.

Based in Melbourne, Felix Young is a direct marketing agency that supports client growth by offering a unique business advantage through their specially developed face-to-face marketing campaigns. Through these interactive direct marketing solutions, companies can engage consumers through targeted and personalised communications and form longer lasting and more meaningful connections. These relationships encourage greater brand loyalty and raise a considerably higher ROI than more traditional marketing approaches.