Think and Grow Rich State Felix Young

Sales and marketing experts Felix Young have recently been discussing success depends on professionals being able to visualise their goals and create a plan towards them.

In all areas of life and work, success starts with a goal. No matter how big a goal may seem, it will always act as a compass – ensuring an individual is heading in the right direction and provide them with a strong sense of purpose. Without purpose, there is no motivation or reason to make changes and an individual will find it virtually impossible to move forward and develop.

To successfully set goals, however, is not an easy feat, and the majority of people fail to reach their desired success due to an inability to establish inspiring goals. Felix Young, a fresh new Australian sales and marketing start-up believe that creating the right mentality is key to successfully setting and reaching goals. What a person thinks impacts how they react to their environment and the actions they take when faced with certain stimuli. Without the right mindset, a person is likely to miss out on opportunities that could help them to achieve their goals faster.

Felix Young believe that when setting a goal, the first step should always be visualisation. This is because to really want something a person needs to see and experience it. They need to picture exactly what it would feel like to reach their goal and create a mental image of their desired future. Research has found that as well as being essential in building motivation and altering a person’s mindset to become more positive, visualisation can lead to performance improvement and help to reduce daily stress and anxiety.

Visualisation works because it can actually change the way a person’s brain processes information. Neurones that transmit information in the brain interpret imagery in the same way that it does real life action. This creates a new neural pathway which plays a vital role in developing new memories and behaviours and primes the body to act in a way that is consistent with what was imagined.

Felix Young, therefore, believe that by thinking positively and imagining reaching a goal, for example, becoming rich, a person’s behaviour and actions will soon reflect this visualisation, and they will start to move towards this goal at a much faster rate. However, to ensure action is taken the firm are also eager to warn professionals of how easy it can be to become stuck in the visualisation stage of goal setting. Many people get stuck dreaming about what they want and therefore never take action to achieve it. This is often because they lack clarity in their goals and as such, they see their visualisations as unobtainable dreams. The firm believes that to really change their lives, professionals need to be clear as to what they want to achieve, and visualise their goal in minute detail if they are to change their thinking and create new behaviour patterns.

With the new year fast approaching, Felix Young has been discussing the relationship between visualisation and goals with their young workforce to help them plan for a successful 2017.

Based in Melbourne, Felix Young is a direct marketing agency that supports client growth by offering a unique business advantage through their specially developed face-to-face marketing campaigns. Through these interactive direct marketing solutions, companies can engage consumers through targeted and personalised communications and form longer lasting and more meaningful connections. These relationships encourage greater brand loyalty and raise a considerably higher ROI than more traditional marketing approaches.