Felix Young Australia - Felix Young Australia
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Hi, How Are You?

We’re Felix Young Australia! Hope your feeling amazing. Thanks for checking in on us. We promise we’re not like the others. We pride on building strong relationships with our clients and kicking ass in the meantime! In the short page below, we just tell you where we are what we want to do and how we are going to do it! Simple enough? Let’s start…

Where We Are

Just like you. We are amazing people! Also amazing people affected by COVID-19. But we’re getting along. We are a young team, over one year ago we started with just two people and income from multiple streams that broke us even. Within six months we have 37 people and developed a 7-figure business. Direct Sales, face-to-face, closing deals is what we do. While we love being around people, we aren’t allowed…right now. So we rebranded and have come back strong. Helping clients build foundational sales teams by providing scripts, sales techniques, training manuals and a heck of a lot of virtual training. During the process/transition, our sales experts take over the reigns and boost sales until your team can follow through.

We stumbled upon a lot of problems during the process of acquiring these clients. Many of them were spending too much per lead, or weren’t getting the right ones or didnt know how to get them in the first place. So using the same strategy we use to get our championed clients, we manufactured a lead generating system for all. Our digital team are equipped for any industry, any problem and any budget, we trust them to pull our leads and they trust us to close the deal. What a symphony. So if you want the whole process done for you (like many people affected by COVID-19) they’re happy to take over or consult if need be. Be cautious though, they need a couple of coffees before you ask for anything 😉

While companies are paying the big bucks for the packages. We did make a few courses along the way to help the entrepreneurs and those looking for work at an affordable price. We like giving back, we were there to you know? So if you’re looking to uplevel your game or need help getting the job, give us a call, drop us a line or check out our sales mastery course.

Anyhow, that’s where we are right now and what we’re doing. Lets check out…

What We Plan On Doing

Inspiring tens of millions of people to accomplish their dreams and unleash their full potential. Empowering businesses to scale exponentially by providing an all-in-one solution tailored to direct and online sales systems. Providing unparalled individual support and universal systems equate to predictable growth in every major city.

That’s a mission statement, if I ever read one!

Consultancy Services

Felix Young provides an all-in-one service with no risk gaurantee. We work for free if your unhappy; which is highy unlikely.

We tailor to your needs. Providing you with the tools and roadmaps you need to suceed in both direct sales or online sales. Or we our team can handle sales from all channels while you work on scaling the company

Team of Experts

Felix Young hires the best from countries all around the world to provide one of the best sales solutions in the world. Our training program trains individuals from all levels and then further develops them into the speciality fields they desire most

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for talent. What beats talent is work ethic, every day. If you belive you have what it takes to enter our training program, please enquire.