Meet The Team - Felix Young Australia
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Patrick Cadei

Patrick is a business and sales strategist who has devoted the last decade to working in Sales, PR & marketing for multi million dollar companies across the globe.

Patrick has learn’t what truly drives conversions, great team culture & developing others to be the best version themselves. How well you connect with the individuals you are trying to help and truly understanding them is what separates Patrick and his companies from others. Patrick has been featured in print and broadcast around the world and has spent time developing his skills with some of the best sales strategists in the world. Felix Young is one of the fasting growing companies currently in Australia, with over 600% growth in the first six months, but he’s not stopping there. Patrick’s next mission is to provide services in every major city around the world and distribute the best sales training system for businesses and individuals in Australia.

Meet the Better half

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``Skill only get's you so far, you have to be hungry``

Helen Poutakidis

2nd Chair
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“Focus on your goal. Don’t look anywhere but ahead”

Nicole Garces

Executive Manager
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``My only competitor is the person I was yesterday``

Brayden Field

Team Leader
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``The function of leadership is to produce more leaders. Not more followers``

Apollo Horewood

Team Leader
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``Skill only get's you so far, you gotta be hungry``


Team Leader
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``All or nothing``

Asia Lunardini

Executive Manager
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``Always deliver more than expected``

Anna Chow

Team Leader
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“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small”

Lauren Briggs

2nd Chair
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``All or nothing``

Haider Akber

Executive Manager